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SMBC focus on the press brake solution for sheet metal industry for ten years ,our press brake toolings are compatible with press brake machines  European Precision Style from Trumpf,LVD ACL, Bystronic-Beyler,American Precision Style from Amada,Haco,and China Precision Style from Yangli, Yawei,Ysd.

we put great importance into our precision- grinding for promise the production precision of the tools and get the approval from the domestic and foreign machine manufacturers and dealer. We all body heat treatment HRC47+/-3 and induction harden HRC52-60 to get the best result for your upper tools and lower dies.

Press Brake Toolings

China Standard  Style

SMBC press brake tooling located in China,so we are very familiar with chinese press brake machine model,we are professional at making the press brake tooling suitable for Yawei,Yangli,Accurl etc.our China Standard Style have a full line of precision ground punches and dies. the punches, dies and accessories you need are available in segmented, full length and half-length sizes to suit nearly any metal bending application.

American Precision Style

SMBC American Style press brake tooling is a full line of precision ground punches and dies.The system has the widest options available for American Amada, Durma,Haco punches and dies.all press brake toolings are made from 42CrMo,hardness is HRC47+/-3

European Trumpf-Wila Style

SMBC European Style press brake tooling includes a variety of punches, dies and accessories is suitable for WILA,TRUMPF and etc.it is also available in segmented, standard length

Special Application Solutions

In our production,we meet some customer request to U bend,Z bend and other special bend.according to the market requirments,we are reserching 28°/24°hemming tools,Z-Profile tool,Radius tool,and Clean bend.crruogating all of these special bend tools are in our product range.

Crowing Table

SMBC supply press brake crowing table include manual type and mechanical type.the workbench width range is 60mm-550mm,also we have bidirectional crowning table,this type of table is suitable to single v die, self-centering 2v dies,it is euipped with motor to make modification according to your machine specifications.

Press Brake Accessories

Not only supply punches, dies, we also provide adapters, holders, clamps and intermediates with rich selection of standard types and possility to make any special tools