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Ma’anshan sparkparts machinery technology co. ltd.was founded in February 2008,old factory started from 1991, and located in the Bowang industrial park , Ma’anshan city, Anhui province,China. With superior geographic position and convenient traffic. As we run in precision machinery parts field for more than 25 years, Now our industry developing include SMBC press bake tooling,SPARKBLADES  precision industrial blades and gas spring and pneumatic components in China.

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We can offer any standard or special types of bending tools (punches and dies, hemming sets, stamps, punch holders, die holders, adapters, die inserts, radius tooling etc.) for main press brake systems such as LVD–EURO Style, Trumpf-WILA, Amada etc,for the press brake tonnage from 40t to 2000t,tools length max to 8000mm one piece.together with specialized technical customer’s support for any press brake bending application

Smbc offers a complete range of Slitting Line Tooling confirming to international standards – Rotary Metal Slitting knives, Metal Spacers, Rubber bonded spacers, stripper rings, Over arm Separator Discs , shims and other precision tools.Smbc’s slitting line tooling has the highest degree of hardness uniformity and the ideal metallurgical properties to slit any metal. Smbc manufactures slitting line tooling in Standard and Extra Precision tolerance grades with lapping.

application of cutting blades


Press brake tooling are tools used for bending and shaping metal sheets. Typically used in conjunction with bending machinery, these dies play a crucial role in manufacturing metal parts of various shapes and sizes. They ensure precise dimensions and desired shapes in the produced parts.

Press brake tooling are widely used in several industries due to their versatility and crucial role in sheet metal working processes, including automotive manufacturing, aerospace, and construction. They are indispensable tools in production, providing efficient solutions for metal processing across various sectors.

We can produce common and complex shape tooling, like waveform or radius, meeting any bending requirement. Send us your samples for custom orders.

We have advanced equipment, skilled technicians, and streamlined processes to ensure high-quality, precision press brake tooling. We also customize dies to your needs.

Key factors are material type, bend angle, press brake brand, and model. Our engineers design appropriate dies based on your requirements.

Press brake tooling enable more precise and consistent bending. Dies fit press brakes perfectly for controlled and complex high-precision bending. Quality tooling also extend the lifespan of press brakes.

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