No-Marking Bend


Unmarked bending of tension spring

There are many designs for no marking of bend sheet metal,one of most common forming technology is which using rotating supports to enable high quality sheet metal forming,we called Unmarked bending of tension spring in China

Primary Uses and Applications:

  • Bending a short flange
  • Bending a flange to a diagonal sharp
  • Bending across preexisting holes
  • Bending across a notch or gap
  • Bending sensitive or delicate materials
  • Bending highly polished materials
  • Bending painted or coated surfaces
  • Bending materials with foil or plastic coverings
  • Bending tread plate

Ball mark free bending mold

Based on the principle of reducing the friction coefficient of the friction pair between the sheet and the V groove, the sliding friction pair of the sheet and the shoulder of the V groove can be transformed into a rolling friction pair, thereby greatly reducing the friction force to which the sheet is subjected.This can effectively avoid bending indentation.