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How to Determine the Bending Radius of Sheet Metal?

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Determining the bending radius of sheet metal is crucial to ensure successful and accurate bending operations without causing damage to the material. The bending radius is the minimum radius at which a sheet metal part can be bent without cracking or deforming. To calculate the bending radius, follow these steps: 1.Material Properties: Gather information [...]

What Is Press Brake Crowning and 2 Types of It

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What Is Press Brake Crowning   To guarantee accurate, repeatable forming results, it’s essential to compensate for the deflection that inherently occurs in the beam (ram) and table of the press brake when load is applied. Without deflection compensation, it’s likely that a workpiece will have some form of deformation at its center when it’s [...]

Three most commonly used bending methods-Air Bending,Bottom Bending,Coin Bending

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When we talk about press brake bending,we are familiar with three bending methods.Air Bending,Bottom Bending,Coin this article we will explain all three bending methods. Bending Method V-width IR Angle Accuracy Features Air Bending 12T—15T 2t~2.5t >±45’ Can achieve a wider range of bend angle. Bottoming 6T—12T 1t~2t ±15’—30’ The higher bending precision is obtained [...]

Top 10 Considerations When Using Press Brake Toolings

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Press brake toolings are made of high-quality steel products made by special heat treatment, with high hardness, not easy to wear and tear, able to bear great pressure, but each mold has its limits pressure: ton/meter, so choose the length of the mold when using the press brake toolings correctlyThat is, how much pressure [...]

Trumpf press brake toolings system divisions

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Punches The maximum length of the sections is based on the tool weight. The weight of the tool segments must not exceed 25kg Version A Version B Division version for tool sets with a weight of up to 50kg/m Division version for tool sets with [...]

the Best 3 Types Aluminum Alloys for Bending

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Before discussing aluminum alloys, we should cover some background about the factors that affect their bendability. As you can imagine, products like aluminum foil, gutters, traffic signs, and automotive body parts, which are all made from aluminum alloys, have different bendability. Three factors control the bendability of the various alloys in these products: The [...]

How to select a die opening?6 steps to successful selection of press brake dies

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Figure 1  To get the most out of your press brake dies tools, the tangent of the bend, where the radius starts, ideally should be halfway down the die face. In this situation, half the die face is equal to the outside setback (OSSB), the distance from the outside mold line (planes that run [...]

How To Choose The Right Press Brake Toolings (Punches & Dies) ?

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The press brake toolings are divided into two parts. The toolings installed on the top of the ram are called punches, and the bottom toolings on the workbench are called dies. The two parts work together on the metal plate to complete the bending of the workpiece. The process that which the punch of [...]

Air Bending Force Chart: The Most Authoritative Data From Amada

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Air Bending Force Chart Background The air bending force chart records the standard lower die V width and required bending force corresponding to the bending of different sheet metals, and has already become ageneral specification in the industry. However, there was no such specification at the earliest time.Each press brakemanufacturer decided to use the [...]

How to choose press brake dies(toolings)

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The press brake dies(toolings) are very important to the sheet metal producer,they are the key parts for press brake machine,this article briefly introduce how to to choose press brake dies(toolings) The different dies should be used for fabricating different workpieces. You need to know the fabrication parameters of the press brake machine as well as the [...]